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How do babies' brains and minds grow?

We are studying early word learning in infants learning one or two languages. Help us find the answers to the following questions:

  • How do infants learn to recognize individual words when listening to sentences?
  • How do children learn about the sounds of their native language?
  • How do babies learn about the meanings of words?
  • How are children's brains organized when they are learning two languages at the same time?
  • Will learning two languages improve your baby's memory?

Infants between 1 and 36 months are invited to participate in our studies. We are currently studying infants who hear either Welsh only or English only at home or who hear both Welsh and English at home.

Children and parents who participate in the study will visit our laboratory at Bangor University for one or two one-hour visits depending on the age of the child and the study.

For all studies, the children will wear a special hat so we can record their brain waves whilst they look at pictures and hear words or watch a puppet show. The method we use is safe and used extensively in language research. The children's parents will be with them all the time during the visits.

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Parents will be reimbursed £15 for travel and the child will receive a T-shirt or small gift for each visit.

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